Friday, July 22, 2011

The End of the Great Factory Social Experiment

As the Dinosaurs found their way into the annuls of extinction, so also has our trip into Blue Collar work. That is correct, Cheryl and I decided that The Civco Experience had to come to an end, and will now be a colorful chapter in the history of our memoirs. My hat goes off to all those people who we were blessed ( and cursed) to meet in our travels at Civco. Those folks work VERY hard and have a devotion to the job that Cheryl and I were incapable of mustering. I really mean it! They were dedicated employees that do their best every day, and will continue to work very hard for years to come. But as for Cheryl and myself, we decided that Civco had very little else to offer us in the way of fulfillment and meaning. And so it is that we are now pursuing a new form of income collection that involves working for ACT. It is Familiar work in a way, it is quite similar to Pearson in it's Labors. The work is more mentally demanding that Civco, but that is OK. I believe our wrists, shoulders and backs will thank us in the long run for our career change. For now, We will have to dust off our thinking caps, ( something we put away in our attic during the factory visit) and fire them up by this Monday. With a little luck, we will have them firing an all 12 cylinders by the time we take the qualifying test. A Special thank you to Civco! For helping us through this desert dry patch in the summer. We were able to stay caught up on things and able to afford food and gas with a little money left over! Hurray! As for the Origami posts, I may have to take a small vacation from that for a while....we shall see.

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