Sunday, July 17, 2011

Missing Shop Cat

Oh where did my wonderful shop cat go? How I miss him so. If you follow this blog, you might notice that I have not posted any cat pics since Red left us for those happy mouse hunting fields in the skies. However, we DO still have two cats at home, Even though they are not 100% awesome cats like Red. There is Rasha, the tortoise shell cat, Who eats, pukes and smells really bad. She does have a lovey dovey side to her which balances it out a little. She also loves to scream at the Hiro way to much. We should have named her Banshee! Then there is Hiro. He is a Handsome Tabby, but under that lush exterior hides a mischievous, misbehaving, loud, and obnoxious cat. He is Cheryl's cat, although he likes me way too much! He ALWAYS wants to play! And he harasses Rasha all the time ( causing her to Scream as mentioned previously) I'm trying to think of any good qualities that he might have, but they all seem to evade me at the moment. He is not even a good lap cat, as he fidgets and ends up jumping off then back on you until either you spill your coffee or he gets you to play with him. However, Secretly, I think they actually do like each other on some small scale. I snapped this pic of them together the other day and felt I should post something of our cats since it has been a while. I still miss Red, HE was one of those cats that is just something.....there are not enough words to describe him. He got along with all of the other cats ( and several dogs in our adventures together) If all dogs go to heaven but cats are reincarnated, I hope to meet him again someday. In other news, My dragon is looking a little messed up at the moment. No pics of it, but it currently looks like it got run over by a truck! Here is a finished pic of what it originally looks like when finished by a professional. I'll see about posting it when it is done...If I dare.

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livingglassart said...

So sorry to hear that your beloved Red is no longer with you. Some cats just have that certain something about them. I've taken on 3 workshop cats~~didn't think it could work out but its great having their company.


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