Sunday, July 10, 2011

A new Dimension to Tyvek Origami

I am in experiment phase this weekend with the Tyvek paper/material that I have been folding with. COLOR! I discovered ( rather by accident) that paint DOES, in fact, stick to the material. I thin it out with water ( acrylic paint) and brush it on liberally. And then I brush it off with a towel. The results are this really interesting swirling pattern on one side and a solid soft color on the other ( treated side) My first attempt was with a frog. A new design that is a little challenging in that the folding patters are not exactly mapped out. I think it turned out pretty good for a first attempt. And the color adds that something extra that I may have been looking for. At least it takes a picture better than the plain white. Cheryl still likes the "artistic modern look" of the pure white paper. But there are a lot of colors out there that need to be explored. On a different level, I folded a dollar bill fish. I'm getting pretty good at this one now. It is, perhaps, one of my favorite dollar bill designs. They are great for tip jars.


Anonymous said...

This is great stuff, as are your carvings. Your website doesn't appear to work. Do you have a new one?
Do you sell your carved toilet seats?
I saw a couple of your You Tube videos and the seats are great.
-- John (Fairbanks, AK)

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Thanks John,

Sorry, the website has been down for a while, and I stopped carving toilet seats at the end of 2009. If you want to carve your own, it's easy to get started with a solid wood toilet seat lid( any wood is ok, but oak was my favorite to work with. Other woods have differant fiber qualities) MAke sure it is solid and not the wood pulp ones. Thanks for stopping in!

BTW I used to live in fairbanks, FT wainwright. It was a great place!


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