Sunday, July 3, 2011

The latest in Iowa Fashion Trends

As I sit here in the Barnes and Nobles coffee shop sipping a coffee, I can't help but notice that there is this trend here, ( I'm sure it is not unique to Iowa) where young girls are writing messages on their butts! Now what is this? Seriously? Is this fashion? Or is it advertising targeted for men of a certain age? ( Am I being Targeted?) No I will have to admit that even I catch myself checking out a girls butt, ( I am a guy after all....) But I usually do not dwell on the object much longer than the pre-programed genetic response requires. That being said, I am human as well. And humans are a curious species. If there is a word tattooed to the rear end of a pair of sweatpants or shorts, I find myself ( unconsciously) reading it! I can't help it! WHY? It was a common theme that we used to laugh about back in the day when I used to watch the door of the Holiday Inn Bar. The guys would always check out the women, and you could see just what they were looking at by looking at their eyes. So, I guess some advertising entrepreneur figured this out at has designed clothing that will put their logos in front of the right demographic. The hard part, I imagine, would be to find women that are brave enough to wear the things! It is often difficult for me to get into the female mind, but I guess there are those women out there who do not mind being ogled! In fact, judging by the way they dress outside of having words taped to their butts, It would appear that they actually enjoy it! So who knows? Is this tasteless fashion, or wise advertising? I'm not sure other than there are people who know humans better than I do and have figured out a way to put it to use. As for me, I will continue to despise flip flops, ripped Daisy Duke jeans, and now....the Butt print advertising. Call me old fashioned! I guess I am.

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Eric Fernandez said...

You have to be kidding in 2011 this is just reaching IOWA!?!?!?! It's a trend from the early 2000s!


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