Sunday, January 6, 2013

Daylight Pics of the New Subie!

Ok,   Like a Parent with a newborn child,  I feel like showing off even more pictures of the new car.   These are mostly for ourselves, as new things mean little to people who have no vested interest.   ( Like houses, children, and ...well, cars I guess)  Unfortunately, Cheryl's picture taking ability was not as flattering in the cold, so I had to enhance them slightly.. any My ugly mug probably could have been left out of them...but I did my part and posed like a crazy man as scripted by my better half.   So   Hopefully this will give us a better idea of what the car looked like when it first came home with us.  Sorry if you are bored already,  I understand!  Really!  
Pictures are one of those funny things I think people take so when they get old,  they remember who their REAL family is.  And seriously,  no one wants to watch old vacation video of someone else's family.   ( I know, because I have been on both sides of that situation!)  However,  this is my blog...and I just needed something to post  so I look like I take blogging seriously.   Hope everyone is having a grand Sunday afternoon.   I feel like we missed out on a day, but it was totally worth it!   Enjoy!

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