Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sword Art Online! Check out this Anime!

So we have finished yet another Anime on Crunchyroll and this one is going to get noticed!   Sword Art Online is the Anime response to Everquest and World of Warcraft MMORPG world.   I was addicted to Everquest back in the day, so this Anime hits a cord with me on the addictive fun nature of online RPG's
 This anime has it all....Action, adventure, romance, and even that danger of having a main character die off.   Not to mention I even got chocked up several times when things did not turn out as I had though.   Well,  Check it out on Crunchyroll.   Or Funimation...Who is Bound to be dubbing this....THEY MUST!   BTW  Funimation is the GREATEST COMPANY EVER!   for dubbing these wonderful anime's into English.   I could gush about them more,  but  I probably already have in a previous post.    I really Hope they get this one!
   In other news...Our Car Quest continues!  And the plot thickens as we have our eyes set on a car.   I have to wait until Saturday to see if we will be able to get it...If not..( Shrug!)  Ah well,  Guess it was not meant to be.  But hopefully luck will be on our side a bit and we might possibly get exactly what we are looking for.    We shall see..

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