Saturday, January 12, 2013

Origami Big ( Dark) Brown Bat. And Subaru Club of Iowa City

Real Big Brown Bat
Another "real" Bat picture
Ah My love affair with bats stems back to my college days, when I found one on the administration building steps and decided to adopt it for a month during the last few days of winter. He was cute!  And easy enough to care for since I fed him the wax worms we had left over from ice fishing in Minnesota.  But after he scared the Hell out of several football players on my roommates "movie night", the RA  for our floor asked me to get rid of him.  ( sigh! Was I the only one who has a soft spot for all God's Creatures?)  I released him into the wild, but by that time, it was warm enough for him to survive outside.
Simple happy good luck bat
The Origami Version
  If you follow this blog,  you probably remember me making bat houses and discussing at length about them flying around in Michigan.   There  are bats  here as well, but the lack of trees sometimes makes them a little more distant.  Anyway,  A fellow Scorer at ACT asked me if I would fold him one.  I have been wanting to fold the LaFosse big brown bat for some time,  but the paper always managed to get in the way.  However,  with my new found wet folding and paper making techniques, I decided to give it another go, and if I failed this time, I would fold the happy simple bat.
   Well,  every now and then, I impress myself on how well things come together.  This is by far, one of my best pieces, and totally my best bat!   I credit the paper most of all,   It took several attepts to get it right, and although I wanted brown colored tissue ( the paper I used was black,  the brown did not work out.) I still think it looks pretty good as a darker version of the brown bat. 
  The wet folding and drying really helped keep those pinch folds sharp and stable.  I was also able to keep the body nice and round with the constant rewetting and sculpting as it dried.  the texture of the paper is another thing that works well on this design.   I have had trouble getting the tissue paper to be completely smooth.  There are always wrinkles  in the paper as it dries.   But bats have that leathery skin that looks just like the paper. 
  All in all,  I'm very happy with this one.  It did not take me 12 hours,  but most of the day.   ( if you don't count the paper making as part of the folding process.) I hope it exceeds expectations.

Oh!  Before I forget!   A Subaru update!   We have been spotted by the local Subaru club in Iowa City!
 I requested more information,  but it's cool that the car was noticed.  The club members seem to drive those sporty WRX's,  but there are other Subies on the list as well.  We shall see if they answer my Email. 

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