Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wet Folding Cardstock Origami Turtle.

So we picked up a few sheets of large cardstock paper on Friday and I folded up another turtle.  Not the Robert Lang design,  Rather the Lafosse design that I have posted before.  

All in all I think it turned out well,  even though the outer shell began to tear as I was putting in the pinch folds.   I blame myself rather than the paper,   I know the cardstock gets fragile when it is wet folded,  But rather than wet it a little,   fold, then dry.  I decided to wet the whole shell and fold it as one.   Big mistake!   The small tears are not readily noticeable,  but they are there and that ticks me off!  Ah well,  live, fold and learn...right? 

The beauty of wet folding is that when the paper is wet, you can make an impression that you normally can't do wit regular paper.  ( ok, perhaps foil back) I don't do it often, but now and then I can press in an eye rather tan a complicated pleat fold that is pushed out.  I like those, but they rarely are as symmetrical as I would like them to be.  

Other than that,  I finished up a samurai headed beetle that I started last weekend.  It has it's own set of flaws,  but I really only folded it to kill time while I waited for my methylcellulose to set up. 

I was half tempted to throw it away.  The paper was a mess and the folding was not as clean as I would have liked.  However, I do think I salvaged it enough to look at least a little like a flying beetle. 

 So there it is.  We have Monday off due to MLK day. Hurray!  Cheryl wants to take a short trim in the new car because we finally can!  The old car was a little bit of a risk.  Not to mention that the new car is fun to drive, gets better gas mileage, and looks sooo much better.   Did I mention that it was fun to drive?  Oh!  And it has power steering!  Cheryl is thinking Des Moines because we have lived in Iowa for two years now and still have not been there.  Plus,   Any more time in Iowa City will drive us crazy!  ( Wellman Too! )  Seeking out another part of Iowa that may be different from our known back yard seems like a little more adventurous and fun than our normal routine.  We Shall see.  Hope Everyone is having a great weekend so far....And if you can, Enjoy MLK day!

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