Friday, January 25, 2013

Learning Japanese....More Adventures with Ethan And Cheryl!

So. Out of the blue, we decided to learn Japanese.  Perhaps it is the manga, or all that Anime Perhaps it is the origami fetish, or the Hello Kitty and other Kawai things that Cheryl collects.   But for some reason, we thought to ourselves, " why don't we learn the Language?"  It just seemed like the next logical step.  Well,  After Cheryl emptied the bank account buying all these books that are " proven effective ways to learn Japanese"  the only thing we learned was that Cheryl likes to buy a lot of books on, and the Japanese idea of "simple"  is slightly higher than the American Ideal.  Either that, or Cheryl and I are really  mentally handicapped!
  Now, to be fair,  My idea of simple is where I put on the headphones, click play and fall asleep.  Then, after I wake up, I can order Sushi at Yakitari Grill and the chef will be some impressed, he will come out and begin swapping stories with us about his childhood! Basically,  It has to be easy, painless, and subconscious!  Oh!  Did I mention EASY?

  And so...Hello Crunchy Roll!   Crunchy roll is great because it is Anime that is just Subbed and you can hear the words as they are spoken.   Also:  Hello YouTube!   There are some really great Podcast on YouTube that help out with the simple uses and Phrases.  And so far,   Cheryl and I are actually able to carry a short conversation in Japanese and understand each other.  Cheryl wants to also learn how to read it, but that is a little more ambitious than I want to be,  But you never know what I will pick up when I am not paying attention!  Hopefully, we will be able to speak it some what well enough to get by in Japan when we visit someday.  We shall see.  OH!  Here is the first video!  Enjoy!

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