Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Frogs for ACT....Origami Frogs that is!

What is there to say other than the week is almost over and I'm so exhausted after work that I don't have much energy to fold....However, 

I did manage to scrape up a little CHI to fold up a couplff of frogs.   Nothing really special,  I've blogged about thee frogs before.  But I'm getting a little restless to fold stuff again, and I fought through the tired to make them. 

Anyway, I have been folding them at work with tea paper and I've gor quite the collection now.  These guys are wet folded with cardstock, so they are a little  larger than the small 3" ones at work.   Hopefully someone will like them and give them a good home.  I can't wait until Friday!   We have a three day weekend this weekend!   YEAH!

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