Monday, January 28, 2013

An Origami Pond Scene...With Goldfish!

So I folded up the remaining goldfish and added the lotuses,   I like all but the largest one, which just seemed fussy to mess with.  the little guys took on a nice lively appearance,

but the larger cardstock was just a challenge and refused to bend to my will.  Ah well,  Fold and learn.  As for tonight,  I have been working on an Origami Tiger.  

I found a cool video and have been inspired to try to replicate the tiger in it, however, I have not found that particular pattern for a tiger yet,

 so I have been wrestling with a John Montroll version and seeing if I can make it look similar.  I have been eager to fold some of Montroll's patterns ever since Cheryl gave me his latest book for Christmas.  We shall see what the end results are like, but so far,  they look promising! 

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