Friday, March 29, 2013

More origami Goldfish…

Ok, these guys are on the cooler side of color.  Mainly blues and purples.  I like them!  And who is to say that goldfish can’t be other colors?   Anyway, I just wanted to post a short post before I call it a night and fall asleep  The cat seems to like to crawl up on my lap whenever I ‘m about really to post….so I should make this one a brief one.   Hope everyone  has a great Easter this weekend.  We are not going to color eggs this year.  No biggy.  We are trying but failing miserably at some sort of Diet.  Easter Chocolate!  Oh the temptation that I can not resist.DSC_5573DSC_5574  

Anyway, enjoy the pics.   And perhaps I’ll have more to blog about tomorrow.   This is my blog after all and I feel badly when ever I don’t get to post something everyday. 

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