Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber-Monday Survival

29 Cyber Monday Sales Well,  it was not that bad actually.  news_121130_04 Not so many orders were were flooded and driven mad, and not so few that  we were set to worrying about our future.   In short…Just enough to keep us both busy and sane for the day.

We actually accomplished quite a bit.bagels    We worked for a couple hours this morning and then headed to Iowa City to visit the bank, run some errands and pay some bills.  Then back home to work.  We even had time for Bagels at the Bruegger’s Bagel place. 

Then it was run time for Cheryl and Bike time for me.  woman-running-in-snow-600 by the way, Cheryl turned in her best time yet for three full miles!   It was a little colder than a few days ago, so perhaps it was the desire to keep warm that helped push her to the new record. 

On top of all that, we managed to make 29 stockings today.  Not really that many, but a full day’s work non the less.

So now,  Cheryl is finishing the packing up and I just started folding 10 Koi for an origami customer.  I’m not sure if I will be done by Thursday..even though I told him that was wishful thinking.  Still….I will try my best without jeopardizing the stocking output.  We shall see how things turn out.

Someone loves Country MusicBy the way, While in the bank…Honestly!   the news was reporting how “few” shoppers bought anything during Black Friday and that the “sales” were not enticing enough to get shoppers to buy.    Can I call it or What?!?   I could practically write the news BEFORE it happens WITHOUT  time travel. 

 Someone loves Video games 

In the mean time….enjoy today’s cool Pet names: 

I wonder if Pogo jumps up and down much.

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