Sunday, February 1, 2015

Playing Dress Up on a Snowy Iowa Day

Suby LOVES this weather! Snow so sticky, it makes the fence look like a doilie    We have been getting DUMPED on all day today here in Iowa.  I guess the mild winter was all a ruse.   The Weather has simply been saving up for this moment and decided to give us both barrels at the same time.  I have shoveled the sidewalk several times and it continues to fill and drift The trees look like they have white leavesin as if I have done nothing.   It is the kind of snow that is heavy and  wet…great for making snow forts! But not the best if you intend to drive to Iowa City…..Which we did….In the SUBARU!   That is correct…if you have a Subaru, Driving in the snow is FUN!  ( Although, I used to have lots of fun in the snow with my old Jeep as well)

And it continues to fall!With the snow being rather thick and sticky, It makes for a rather picturesque  scene in the neighborhood.   I thought I would head out and snap a few pics to capture the white cotton webbing  that clings to the trees.  I even posed for a selfie!   To prove I did not simply download another internet picture..Never mind the nose shot!Selfies ( I guess that is the term coined by the facebook crowd.)  are a strange thing.   How do you capture yourself in a flattering manner when the camera is basically up your nose? 

Ethan Playing Ken Doll for Cheryl  The only correct way to get a picture of yourself…is to get your wife to take a picture of you..for you!    Of coarse….as soon as Cheryl is involved, she makes me dress up.  One hand is out...what is the problem? Not that I wanted any pictures of me in my underwear to begin with.  



Then she tells me to do things.    As if we are in a Movie and she is the director.  “Don’t look at the Camera!” “Hands out of pockets!”   “Stop Picking your nose!”



Wait till you see this!  She wanted me to do something cool…so I did the “Rapid Hand Vibration” move.    I think she was impressed.  BRZZZZZZZZZZZZZK!

So that is all here in Iowa on this day.   I heard that there is some sporting event going on later today.  Having no Television,  I’m really at a loss as to what it could be.    I guess I can find out later tomorrow, when, hopefully,   things will be back to their normal state…And the plows clear the roads enough for us to bike/run.   Fingers Crossed!

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