Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Pretty Good Day

th0YJEEP7S Just a quick post,  I’m feeling pretty good!    After all that venting yesterday, I managed to go for a 6 mile bike ride,  log in and qualify for my Math Project, Go to Iowa City to purchase Oil for the Car.   Change the Oil in the Subie, and score for about 7 hours!   Oil-Change Add in a walk, donut, and about 2 hours of Anime and I think that this day would tip into the “pretty good” zone. 

The Math Project is fairly easy and I somehow managed to log in and qualify in under 3 hours.   2 of which I spent in a panic last night, believing my window of opportunity was going to close. DSC_0120  Luckily…..things worked out.   I may have forgot to mention I found another 4 leaf clover in the yard yesterday….I guess perhaps there is a little luck somewhere in there.   The Math Project is far easier on my brain than the English….I only hope I can continue to score it as long as possible.

DSC_0136 Oh!  And just before I logged off,  I see I sold my large order of Origami…YEAH!   The Money is very welcome.   Looks like I’ll be packing that up tomorrow. 


Hope everyone else is having a pretty good day.  Now it is my bed time….see ya later!

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