Friday, April 3, 2015

Springfield Arrival, Registry, and T-Shirt Pick Up.

Welcome to the Land of Lincoln! We have arrived!   The trip was pretty smooth actually.   Garmin was such a big help in getting us lost….or rather sending us in the most inappropriate directions.  Turn wait....Right!  Do a U Turn! Sometimes I’m not sure if she/he is a curse or a blessing.   I have to continuously tell myself that it is just a robot and not a human messing with us. 

Burlington Bridge over MississippiOther than our Navigator being messed up,   there was not much to talk about or take pictures of  between Springfield, Il and Wellman, Ia.  Bridge #2Other than the bridges.   There were only two.   One crossing the Mississippi and one crossing the Illinois river. Cheryl Driving the last leg.   Most of the towns we crisscrossed through were small….Even smaller than ones in Iowa!    I guess Chicago must really tip the scales for the population of the state.Bridge over Illinois River

We arrived early as the packet pick up was not meant to begin until 4 pm.   We killed a couple of hours eating noodles and searching the city for Honey Brown beer.  ( yes, I’m down to my last 7 bottles!  Panic!)  The KEY to all things happy. Luckily we found a lone 12 pack at a Meyers store.   I’m pretty sure Cheryl manipulated  the Universe for that lone case since we both went over the entire section TWICE and did not see it. Cheryl Manipulates the Universe to Put Honey Brown on the Shelf!   Just before I was about to suggest we try another store,   Cheryl found it right behind me!  I really want her to harness this skill so we can win the lottery someday.   But what fun would that be? 

Nope!  NOT looking at the Short Shorts. Cheryl stands in Line,   The Guy ahead has an Iowa Leg Cast on his foot!   Was he Going to run? Anyway,  We visited the Local Sports Authority and found that they have nothing new that Cheryl does not already have.  But by this time it was packet pick up time.   We followed the map and then followed the herd of runners up to the Runners Expo at the Hilton. 


The BEER sampler!  Not too bad with a smokie flavor. Besides the Crowd of participants,    the “Expo” was rather small.   They were giving out free samples of the local beer….which we had to try.  ( It was good!) I guess the finishers will get an entire free beer tomorrow…..we shall see. What are we running for, exactly?  





If  everything could only be cured by running. There were other booths there  trying to shed light on their small “causes” that might interest people. Some where actual events, while others were purposes, like the runners for a Cure, runners for Christ, runner for Clean Water, and Runners for Buddha! Budda Doesn't Run,  He Meditates! 


Ok, I made that last one up.  But who knew you could run for Clean Water?  Now I’m suspicious of the water quality they give at the aid stations for rehydration!  

Why run for water when Water can Already Run by itself? Back at the room,  Cheryl could not wait to tear into the Shirt and pose.   I’m not particularly impressed with the color or style, but Cheryl says it i a Tech Shirt….Can't wait to get back to the roon to try it on. which is actually rather expensive and useful compared to the common cotton T-Shirts you get at these events.   We shall see if she ever wears it. 

So now,Our Room is pretty nice!   With Modern design.   We will try to get some rest and wake up bright and early tomorrow as the race begins at 7:30 in the AM!   It will most likely be cold  since we can feel the cold front blow in behind us from the north. The Tech Shirt showing the Coarse.   It will probably be ok since Cheryl tends to like running in the cooler weather,  and Running generates lots of heat over 13.1 miles!  I’m hoping the wind and the rain stay away and everything goes well;  We have fun;  And we get to attend the after party on the lawn of the old capitol.   

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