Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Free Time for Ethan?

EvilGenius It was bound to happen.   You see….I figured it out!  Unlike the hard working and diligent Cheryl,   I’m what you might call …..a slacker…..Or a very intelligent mastermind who solves complex equations.  ( I like the later!)   The Equation in question is “work”…specifically:   A “Job”.  thA3X2HDD4 Allow me to elaborate.


You see.    Every job has a system in place that has a set equation.    With both sides equal and both sides fighting for a larger sum.   On one side…the Employer.   On the other…..the Employee.   The Employer seeks to get the most work out of an Employee for the lowest possible price while still maintaining a decent quality.   The Employee, on the other hand,  Works just enough to keep his job and not get fired, while trying to get as much money as possible.   Both sides try to add parts to give their side of the equation a larger portion.

    harassment In Cheryl’s case,   The Employer tries to get more out of the worker by telling them they are scoring too slow and too erratic.    This way they can pressure the Scorers to work longer, faster and even during time off the clock.   While the Employee…in this case:  Me,  tries to stay on the clock as long as possibly while maintaining a decent rate and validity requirement.  The difference is something like this:   Cheryl scores slacker_by_choice_print-rbfe046a18562486590d17b8899094e72_wad_8byvr_324 600 papers while only clocking in 30 hours.   I score around 600 papers while clocking in 40 hours!   The minimum required rate is around 400 papers.   500 for bonuses!   At the end of the day,   The employer makes more money on Cheryl,  while Ethan makes More money for Team Allenbrite!   It’s all about self-interest after all!

thPNVXHVRX However,  Eventually the universe catches up and the things tend to slide back.   Today, Pearson decided to move me back to a MATH PROJECT for the remainder of he project.  I was doing so well on 4TH GRADE ENGLISH too!  Ah well,  no biggy!   I was originally scheduled to work for the Math project anyway.   And reading those papers was causing my eyes to hurt.  Unfortunately,  Pearson has messed up my Username and Password.  thA70GX9TV Without revealing the password, let’s just say that ( Cheryl is my witness here)  It is All  Pearson’s fault.  I have contacted the help line and they are trying to figure things out but it will take until tomorrow to get the results.  In the mean time….today is the last day to train and Qualify!  So…Unless they grant me a grace period….I might be screwed!Confusion--Confusion 

Based on last year’s results, I figured they would simply leave me on the 4TH GRADE ENGLISH project until it concluded.   They did this to Cheryl last year.   And we have another Project for College Board coming up next Monday.   So it is not totally essential that I keep that project for the upcoming month.   (  Or the MATH PROJECT for that matter!)  It just seems random and funny that it happened to me.   When Cheryl is the one who is  supposedlyb8cb411741f8f5610109e79d61c15f17 the “problem scorer” and who is driven bonkers trying to keep her team leader happy. If anyone could have used a break from scoring…it was her!  

So now…the real question is: what to do with all the new found free time?    I guess I have another large order of Origami I could get to work on.  As well as finally jotting down a few lines on my next novel idea.  It is hard to know….It may not even matter as the College Board will be starting up next Monday anyway and that will be a full week of 8 hour days.   Not much to be getting done at that point.  And Besides!   We are not totally finished yet.   It is possible that the thMSDFICOKGeek Squad can figure out who typed my password wrong and rectify the situation in time.   And Human Resources will allow me to train and begin scoring with everyone else.   Her!  It COULD happen!  But, I will have to take a wait and see approach.   Pretty much what I have been doing all along.   The MATH PROJECT Project was meant to begin last week, but got pushed back several times already.  And several Emails explaining the problems they were having, pushed me into thinking 4TH GRADE ENGLISH was going to be the sure thing.  But now this happens..   Ah well.   Let’s hope for the best!

Upon reading this again,  It may sound like I’m disgruntled…..NOT SO!  karma I actually was going for humorous  by  self inflicting humility upon myself and demonstrating what happens to someone who gets his Comeupin’s ( or Karma…I guess Comeupin’s is not a real word?) Cheryl urged me to change a few items as well.  I probably shouldn’t have to worry too much as no one reads these little posts anyway,  But still….you an never be too careful. 

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