Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Qualifying Success!

024_pearson_logo  Yesterday,  I was successful in Qualifying for the 4th Grade Texas Star.   YEAH!   It proves that I share  a common writing style with 4th graders.   Something I have always been suspicious of from the beginning.  This means that Cheryl and I can now begin scoring together and making money once again.    86638f6c2cb1235a73283708163c5c78f3a80f5bd8420afff7c929077057fb0b( Making some form of income is really really important!)  I admit, I was a little worried as I have ever scored from home before and Cheryl’s many failed attempts have left me with a healthy dose of skepticism.  However,  Her recent successes and help has pulled me through and allowed me to be a first time go. 

 DSC_9634  So,  to celebrate, we tested out the latest Founders Ale that has arrived to the far reaches of Iowa.  The Dark Penance!  DSC_9633 IT is a rather sour beer with a chocolate sweetness that was meant to counter the bitter hops.   IT does that….Mostly.   I definitely thought that the hops blasted through the sugars.  But it was drinkable and not bad.   At the very least it was interesting, and every time you try a new beer, that is what you are going for. DSC_9639 

Well,  On to scoring!   I wanted to squeeze this post in before I hit any validities that skew my impression and mess up my sense of accomplishment.   Hopefully I will be able to keep this project to its completion.   We shall see.  Hopefully, One beer does not kill to many brains cells. 

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