Monday, April 6, 2015

Adventures in Egg Coloring, With Cheryl and Ethan.

     Family Memories! Ah, coloring Easter eggs.   What  fond Childhood memories…..So why should we stop doing fun things when we become adult?


Setting up the color...Make sure the pelets dissolve!As many of you may have heard,  Yesterday was Easter.   My families tradition was to get up INSANELY early to attend church… then  attend the Easter breakfast at  church where you eat massive amounts of Chocolate…..enough to rivaled Halloween and Valentines Day.  But in addition to that, we would color eggs with the traditional Paas Coloring kit.  notice the Chocolate Bunny's Missing Ears It as fun putting stickers on the eggs and writing names on them.  I LOVE hard boiled eggs, so they never lasted very long after Easter Morning.  ( My brother loved them as well!)

So Cheryl and I purchased a token amount of chocolate and eggs and spent the day coloring the eggs and eating the chocolate.   The bad thing about being older is that the limits parents put on you are gone, but now age, health and weight requirements force you to be “responsible”.   That is,  you can eat all you want, but be ready to pay the price later….First Round looks good!

cadbury-mini-creme-eggs-130702 I was perhaps the worst glutton, and I have no control around chocolate.  Especially Cadbury Crème Eggs.   In addition,  I ended up eating most of the Easter eggs.  I ‘m still not sure why the shells do not come off after the eggs have a chance to cool off.   I ended up making a mess in the kitchen trying to peel them. 

11 Eggs Turn out nice a bright!But the coloring was fun.   While Cheryl trained on the English 10 Prompt, and I reviewed my 4th grade one;  I placed the eggs in the dye for almost an hour!   The results were deep colors never before achieved!  I only tried to “mix “ the colors on one of the orange ones,  ( it turned brown!)   I probably should not have dropped orange in blue.   Ah well…it still tasted good.  With more time,  I could have gone facier, but good color will have to do.

So today we ran and biked.   We have a race coming up this weekend, but only a 5K in Davenport.  The rest of the day we spent qualifying and training.  I finally got my welcome Email and was able to begin training in earnest ( i.e.  Getting Paid for Training!)  With Luck, I will be able to Qualify tomorrow as Cheryl did today.   She is essentially one day ahead of me since she was able to train yesterday.   I’m sure it will all work out and I will have something to do in the afternoon of each day.  Hope everyone had a great Easter.   The weather is looking up, ( rain tomorrow, but warmer) Can’t wait for the grass to finally turn green again. 

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