Monday, April 27, 2015

Lucky Clovers, Running for Donuts, and Origami Wedding.

Just a quick post as it is late here and my mind is pretty fried after a day of scoring 4th grade papers.product_thumbnail    Ah!  To be young again…when the NFL, NBA, Pro Wrestling,  professional singer and actor,  Even PRESIDENT were actually attainable careers….In our minds anyway.   Then adulthood crashes and smashes our lofty dreams…..But I digress..

DSC_0118   The other day, Cheryl noticed an unusual sight…a 4 leaf clover!    She picked it..then found another….then another!   Then a 5 and then a 6 leaf clover!   Either we are the luckiest people here…DSC_0122or someone spilled nuclear waste that is causing the clover plants to mutate!   I’m no Botanist, Actually far from it…but I do know that there are genetic variations encoded into pretty much every living thing on this planet.   It allows species to adapt and change and overcome changing environmental conditions.  It hardly has anything to do with “luck”…DSC_0123even if it IS recessive and rare.     Bottom line, Cheryl went on a picking spree before I could stop her.   My reasoning is that we save some lucky clovers  for those days when we really need something lucky to happen….and besides..everyone knows that 4 leaf clovers keep the Leprechauns away.  Those evil little Leprechauns….Leprechaun-www_bigxy_com-13

After last weeks long run disaster,  we started slowly to rebuild back Cheryl’s confidence by slowly inching up her running regiment back to where it was.   We also tried to find incentives by exploring new areas and …..trying new snacks!   we may have found a winner! 

There is a long lost bicycle trail that is 14 miles long and runs from Kiota to Washington Iowa.   It used to be a train track that was shut down years ago and converted for recreational use.    We ran it last Saturday…on a rainy, cold and rather blustery day.   Luckily the rain stopped, but the chill and wind remained.   This is actually good, as Cheryl likes to run in the cooler temps. DSC_0126   We first ran 3 miles on our old path in Iowa city, but as the weather cleared a bit, we headed to Washington and ran an additional 16 miles just before dark.   It was actually quite fun…and exhausting.   Even on the bike, I could tell that distance was extraordinary.  DSC_0130However, instead of feeling like we had our tail ends handed to us,  we felt a certain giddiness…and relief.   I doubt it was the mythical runner’s high every book loves to talk about.   But I’m guessing that it was the reassurance that we were back on track for the June Marathon.   And The donuts. 

That is right…to celebrate the short 3 mile run in the rain, we bought half a dozen donuts.    Eating these in the afternoon, made Cheryl “Jumpy”….causing her to pace around in an annoying fashion until I relented to her evening run suggestion.   I actually had no plans on running an additional 16 miles, but I’m glad we did.   I had to burn off that energy as well after all.    So now…donuts are part of the plan!

DSC_0133 DSC_0136   And what would this weekend be without origami?   I received a large request for a wedding last week and finally freed up my weekend to get to work.    Even with Cheryl's  “ Distractions”   I was able to fold up 14 models in 2 days.  DSC_0141 I think that is some sort of record.   Ok,  I may be fudging the numbers a bit because several model were already folded up.  I believe I was able to fold up about 18 models.  ..Without losing my mind to badly.  DSC_0139Now all that remains is for the guy to purchase them so I can send them.   We shall see how things go. 

So now after a long day of scoring,   I can take a break and hopefully relax.  It takes a toil on the brain to read those papers.  My rate has slowed considerably from the first week.   04slowProbably for the best, just like Cheryl, I have to find my happy pace to last out the project.   Hope everyone is having a great week so far and that you can find your happy place in whatever you’re up to.  Enjoy!

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