Saturday, February 13, 2016

33500 Words!

As with all things, I believe practice and routine are key to success.  (Except when it comes to things that actually pay money.)  Cheryl runs a little every day so she can eventually run a Marathon...and I try to write something every day so I can finish a novel.   None of those things actually pay any money, by the way.   But  since when it human fulfillment defined by wealth?  ( OK,  probably more often that I think.  Money does come in pretty handy from time to time. )
But where is the money???

That lead up was to brag that I have crossed the 33000 words barrier.   It helps to actually have a computer to write with.  I have been stuck at this point for a while, and it was a difficult scene to trudge through.   But now that it is over, I can now proceed to the next scene that I have been excited about.  ( The part where the enforcers are shown to be something they are not....)  I'll stick to vagaries because trying to explain a story as weird as this would probably take...well.... over 33,000 words I suppose.

 So another cold day in Iowa.   Temps were in the single digits, but with no wind.   Cheryl was able to run three miles and I was able to ride along side with my bike without freezing my face off...much.   It must be comical watching us run/bike together.   Cheryl looks like a running Ninja and I look like a bear riding a bicycle.

 Overall,  a typical day here.   Cheryl continues to score while I write my current progress.   Who knows,   perhaps I will even add to the other blog later.   We shall see.

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