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Over 38000 Words. Time for a preview?

Not that anyone cares.   But I finally reached a place I feel might make a decent teaser to  grab someone's interest.  And besides that,  This was the most "G" rated chapter I could find.   I mean   people are being eaten and killed and forced to do things that are  kind of bad.    I guess I have some pretty dark thoughts sometimes...but I digress.

So,   a little over 1000 words today.   The lead up:   The main character just lost a friend and has had his world shattered because the people who were thought to be helpful,  turned out to be destructive.  He is also going through a bit of withdrawal from his addiction.   This is the moment he finally meets a dragon.   I'll leave it at that.   Hopefully it is not too long...and the first draft writing is slightly better than a high schooler's.  Looks like the formatting did not translate very well to blogger either.  Ah's only one small section.  Enjoy!

I’m not sure how long I laid there, but something eventually came to shake me out of it.  The voice….of the dragon. 

I never knew dragons could even speak.  I should have been shocked! But at that moment, it seemed there was very little that could shock me anymore.  I just watched someone get beaten to death by people who were thought to be protectors.  Why would a talking dragon be so strange?

“Are you awake?”  The dragon asked.  

I looked up and could see the blue and silver scales shimmer dully in the dim light.  It did not seem as large as my first impression, but it still towered over me.   I nodded in affirmation.

“Can you stand?”  It asked. 

I slowly stood up on my wobbly knees, and then forced myself to stand up fully.  My entire body shook as if I were struggling with hypothermia.  I hugged my arms around my body as I shivered.   I figured this was the end.  After seeing the dragon drag Tom into the darkness,  I concluded that I was its next meal.  Why not?   The Enforcers said that this is how all dragon hunters eventually end.  I had never given it much thought about my last moments.  The pain that was ricocheting across my body was so powerful, that it seemed only death could cure it anyway.   I stood there and waited for the inevitable.

You can imagine my surprise when the dragon offered me an egg.   He held it out with his clawed talons, as if offering it as a gift.  I stood there staring at it, but not reaching for it.

“It looks like you are going through a tough time.   Perhaps this will ease things up a bit for you.”  If offered.

I continued to look at the egg.  My heart beat faster with every passing second.  My body needed it and began to act on its own, but I summoned all of my will power to resist.  Even then,  I knew I was about to give in to the urge.  I tried to speak, but my voice was dry and weak.
“You’re giving me a whole egg?”  I asked weakly.
  The dragon nodded.
  “Why”  I asked.   At that moment, I realized I really didn’t care.  I’m not even sure why I asked.   I was about to jump at the egg no matter his response.   Nevertheless,   he responded

“This egg will help you out.  And I need a man like you to help me out.  Think of this as a ‘good will offering’.” He answered.  

I reached out for the egg and took it out of its outstretched arms.  I began licking the outer surface, trying to avoid looking desperate.  The dragon stood back and smiled widely,  keeping his teeth hidden. 

The pain relief was immediate.  It was as if the bullets that had been bouncing around inside my joints suddenly stopped.  My chills evaporated and I felt a warm flood wash over me.  My anxious mind suddenly found focus once again.  I felt as if I had been… saved.

After a moment,  I stopped licking and looked up at the dragon.  “So what does a dragon need help with?”  I asked incredulously.
“Ah, you see.  I need someone to disperse eggs.   It’s a chore!  And I can’t keep them all in one place.   I need to disperse them for an equal distribution.”  The dragon swept its arm around as if to demonstrate a farmer sowing seeds.  “Think of them as seeds or nuts off of a tree.   You would play the part of, say,  the squirrel.”  It looked back down at me.  “You would have access to all the eggs you want, and I would have them dispatched around the caves to places I can’t go.  And, like a squirrel,  you can indulge in an egg from time to time.   Think of it as part of your payment.”
I thought about the offer for a moment.  “I know what happens to the eggs after they hatch.”   I said without thinking.  I should have been more tactful.   I was talking to a dragon after all.  However, I had no interest in being lunch for one of its young. 

The dragon stood back without even a moment of hesitation. “Of course!”  It announced in a booming voice.  “That is the business I’m in, after all.  I can’t have hungry hatchlings breaking out of their eggs in close proximity.  They will eat each other!”   Its eyes widened with shock.  “I can’t have that.  How am I supposed to be a good parent if I allow that to happen?” 

“So it’s better if they eat the humans that are surrounding them?” I asked skeptically.

“They don’t just target humans.  They will eat just about anything at first.  It’s just that humans seem to like to gather around the eggs so they end up being close by.  It doesn’t have to be that way.”  The dragon’s expression changed to concern.   “If it bothers you, just make sure you are not around when it hatches.  That’s all.   See?  Simple!”  It sat back and folded its arms with a satisfied look.

It made sense….somehow.  I really did not know why I was actually arguing with it.   The job seemed lucrative and simple enough.  I would be in charge, so I could dictate who would get to enjoy the egg and who couldn’t.  I could control the location and how it was managed so we could all enjoy it safely. I’d make sure everyone was clear of it before it hatched.  The job kept sounding better and better. 

Besides,  wasn’t this what I was after all along?   I was tired of the sex business and I wanted to get Sara out of it as well.  I could charge an admission to the egg as a form of income.  And I would always have access to the eggs, so I would not have to go through the pain I had just endured.  My mind raced with the possibilities! It seemed like the perfect job for the caves,  and I was positive that this offer did not come around for just anyone. 

“So, all I have to do is pick up an egg and find a place far enough away; and leave it?”  I asked.

The Dragon nodded. 

“And I can do whatever I want with it until it hatches?”  I clarified.

“As long as the eggs are far enough apart,  you can invite your friends to enjoy the outer shell all you want.”   The Dragon confirmed. 

It really was not a difficult choice.   What the hell else was I supposed to do?  Compared to the alternatives, this job seemed like the obvious answer.  “Ok, I’ll do it.”   I agreed.  I paused for a moment.  “So how will I find the eggs?”   I asked.

“No need to worry about that. I’ll make sure you find them.”  The dragon explained.  “So that’s it.   Think of that egg you’re holding as your first job.  Take care of it, and I’m sure we will have a long and prosperous symbiotic relationship.”   The Dragon backed up into the shadows.  Its body and head disappeared, leaving only its green eyes   glowing and visible.  “I’ll be seeing you.”  It whispered as if its voice were mist in the air.  And then it was gone. 

I stared after it, holding the egg in my arms.  To say the sudden turn of events was unusual would be an understatement.  Mere moments ago, I was prepared to die.  Only to be reborn and given another chance to live.   I felt as if I could not fail at this one.  I would not fail!  I would do anything within my power to make success assured.  For the first time in a while, I felt as if I finally had a direction I could follow.  A way to make everything I desired come true. I was not going to let that opportunity slip away.  I tucked the egg under my arm and headed back to the darkness.  Back to find Sara.

OK!   That's it for today...Now off to the other blog to see if I can continue the writing  mojo.   We shall see. Perhaps I should not have thrown in the pictures, but that would make it seem "out of place" in my blog.  What can I say, I love pictures!  I also love it when I can actually find pictures that are close to my description. Hope you enjoyed it.

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