Friday, February 12, 2016

A New Blog?

Why would I try something so crazy as to upkeep two blogs at the same time?   Do I really think I can write that much?   I can barely get over 32000 words on my novel!   Why start such an endeavor?

Well,   Truth be told,  this happened on my three week purgatory off the internet.   Cheryl and I discussed ways I could release my creative outlet without carving, folding, painting, drawing, or dismantling complex electronics.  We put our heads together, and after the initial pain and hollow coconut sounds, we came up with a blog about her running.   She is such a narcissist!

It may be true that I complained a bit that her running hobby was taking up valuable space on my blog.    A blog about the most important person in the world....ME.   So we settled on this compromise that should satisfy both parties amiably.  Except I still have to write it.

If you don't mind a bit of redundancy,  Check out the new blog here:
This may begin to feel like a two-timing love affair.  I could never keep up with two women,  what makes me think I can keep two blogs? ( and write a novel.....32000 words!)   Hopefully I'll share the love and hope they both don't leave me.   As for the novel...Well,  I should think of a better analogy before people think bad things.   I'm not sure comparing writing to intimacy may be understood by very many people.  We shall see.

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