Friday, February 19, 2016

Warmer Weather Brings Out the Running Shorts in Iowa!

 45 degrees?  Break out the shorts!
All of the snow and ice is GONE!
As in Attire...not people of short stature.   The weather is topping out at 54 degrees currently here in Wellman, Iowa.   Weather like this brings out those feelings of an early spring...and what better way to celebrate than to wear your shorts on a run.

Wearing the Des Moine Marathon shirt.
Cheryl wasted no time in rummaging through her summer gear and dusting off a suitable pair of shorts.   She also saw a guy a few weeks ago who was sporting his Des Moines Marathon 13.1 Half marathon shirt...and she became so jealous.   What better way to show off her achievement than to wear the same shirt on her run this morning.
Finally!  Sunshine AND warm weather.
So we only ran a little over 3 miles.   We had a long run of 7 miles a couple of days ago,   when the weather was still pretty cold.   Cheryl felt great  about that, but later felt the old injury pain flair up again.   As a precaution,  we walked yesterday and backed off the running for today.  The problem will arise tomorrow when the awesome weather will continue and she will be forced to run another easy day.   We shall see how it goes.

Mango Banana Sushi?
Victory!  3.5 miles
In other news,   Cheryl's scoring project wrapped up an entire week earlier than expected;  giving her additional time to sit around a mope about her physical disability. I only hope that she does not bother me with her depression.   It's bad enough she is letting team Allenbrite down by not working.  But add in that she may disturb my "Ethan time" and things could get ugly.  It's bad enough that the cat refuses to leave me alone.  What do all these people want from me anyway?
Mango Raspberry?

Is this her secret to weight loss?

Luckily,  she had found a bit of an outlet in her "Sushi Experiments."   Like a Mad Scientist,  she tries to think 'outside the wrapper' to create various Sushi creations that look pretty....but may be inedible.  Case in point:  The Fruit Sushi.    Cheryl recently discovered Mango... and now the bright yellow fruit has to be on everything. Hey!  I'm just happy she did not break the Shun Knife again trying to cut through the inner pit!

Looks good,  Right?

But how do they taste?
After Mango,  She has been exploring the possibilities for Chocolate.   Now I personally feel Chocolate tastes great on EVERYTHING!   ( Even Mashed Potatoes!)

Too Much Temptation!
 But I was disappointed in just how awesome it is on a fruit-filled Sushi rice ball.  I say "disappointed" because I will ultimately end up eating ALL OF THEM!   This form of temptation is not a welcome addition to my diet struggles.  Cheryl, on the other hand,  is at an all time low of 99 lbs!  She even had ICE CREAM today!   I guess you can get away with it if you run and only eat fruit and drink tea all day long.

So that is all.   Wish me luck as I attempt to continue my writing with an annoying Cat and Wife that demand play time and affection from me.   What about ME?   What about MY needs?  Perhaps I can buy a live mouse and a treadmill to distract them for a few hours while I work out the kinks in the story...or blog....I forgot about the other blog!   Better hop too!

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