Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cheryl's New Tokyo Racers.

Brooks Launch Three Dragon...RAAAR!
Being confined  to a wheelchair causes runners to lash out occasionally.   For Cheryl,   the reality of being unable to run out her problems is dealt with by purchasing new shoes.    And today....they came.

Green Scales!
Brooks Shoes paired up with the Tokyo Marathon to kick out these green, scaly monsters:.   The Brooks Launch Three Dragon!   Cheryl loves them already....
Can't read Kanji, But looks COOL!

Dragons on the tongue
Note the green ( OK, chartreuse.... The perfect shade in between yellow and green.)  scales and Red Kanji on the toe;  The Dragon in the tongue and in-sole;

Aglets with Words written on them....
Dragon pictures INSIDE!
the Words on the shoe lace binder;  ( called: Aglets....Note that next time you play Trivial Pursuit.) And the way  Cheryl and the Cat both react to the new item and you will understand how Japan is able to make things that shoppers find irresistible.

With my story being about dragons,  I was bound to note the irony.  How could the price of a shoe possibly matter when it has the theme of a Dragon?  I love all things dragon,  And all things Japanese.  Cheryl's method of distraction and slight of hand worked!   I'm now  bedazzled and enchanted by the colors and embroidery, rather than the empty bank account.  Well played Cheryl...well played.
Who Wouldn't Want this?

Looks a lot like Love to ME. 
Brooks shoes do tend to be on the higher end for focused running shoes.  And although I may pretend to be dubious about the cost of quality shoes,  I have run in "cheap" shoes enough times to understand where the money goes.  It is difficult to put a price tag on comfortable running.    Running with blisters or shin splints is no matter to chuckle over.   Add in the fact that Cheryl is trying to recover from a hamstring pull and having good shoes becomes very important.

So that is all today.   I'm having a difficult time trying to write this afternoon,  so I'm procrastinating with this blog post.   Even now, I'm having difficulty trying to make the words sound right.   Maybe I should take a little break until my mind becomes unclouded.    Perhaps I can work out something on the other blog.   We shall see.

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