Monday, February 22, 2016

Breaking the 40000 Word Barrier!

Cheryl says I should celebrate after I pass 40,000 words.   I decided with beer!   Tonight is beer night and we are trying some new brews to see if the craft brewing industry is worthy of all the legislation that is being undone.   But before I make this posting about political intrigue....Lets talk about the good stuff....ME!

Ok,   so 40,559 words total.   I still have a ways to go, but I'm getting close.   I was just happy I was able to squeeze out 2000 words over the last two days.  Hiro,  When not bothering me with his constant "Play with Me!" meowing,  sometimes actually provides moral support in the form of a soft and cuddle cushion.

I have been contributing to the other blog.   Probably anyone who is not a runner would find it boring.   Heck!  Maybe even runners will find it boring.   I really do not say anything that is ground breaking.   And if you read this blog,  you will probably recognize several topics and discussions that sound familiar.  There was bound to be a little overlap and redundancies.

So there it is....   Over 40,000 words on the novel and I'm finding a certain level of material in the well each day.  Tonight is Beer night with some fun new flavors.    We enjoyed some Sake that was infused with Fuji Apples.   The addition of fruit flavors is intriguing,  so we decided to see how it will work with beer.   I'm sure we will at least find it interesting, if not addicting.  We shall see if we end up sampling them all.   It is a Monday, after all.   Hope everyone has a great week!

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