Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cheryl's "Almost" 20 mile run.

We just finished the 20 mile training run.    They are always tough, and somehow, we managed to complete it without any loss of limps or marriage counseling.   I say "almost"  20 miles, because Cheryl's Garmen blanked out on us after about mile it was all guess work from there on.  Luckily, we are familiar with the trail enough by now so I'm fairly confident in our guestimation.

This is an impressive feat....more than simply the mileage.  There have been many distractions this week.   As if  the car, the cat, the jobs, the weather were not enough....there is always the economy, famine pestilence, war, Global Warming,  and the certainty of our own mortality....making any amount of human achievement worth celebrating.

There was probably a bunch more that I wanted to write, but I'm currently tapping out this post between prompts.   And besides,  sometimes I just need a break from papers.   This post is one of those ways without getting too sidetracked.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather....( cool and misty)   and the weekend.   With a little luck...Subie will be fixed and back up and running .   BTW.   I have never been a ford fan.   Not that they are "bad" cars...I'm sure people who have had luck with them will swear by them.  But I feel very much like a turtle without his shell in this Ford Taurus that the auto place loaned us. I'm not totally "anti-american" when it comes to vehicles.  My brother works for GM after all..and I have owned a several AMC vehicles and a Chevy....  But I miss the Subster...  I am looking forward to having him back home safe and sound.

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