Sunday, May 15, 2016

20 Mile Run Day! With Awesome Weather.

Quick post about our Run this morning.   20 miles!   Again!   I feel as if I just road marched 12 miles with a ruck.  But we survived.

Mostly I wanted to point out the awesome weather we have been having...a rare thing in Iowa.   Usually in Michigan,  nice weather would last several weeks of even a month!   But here in Iowa,  good weather comes,  disappears, then randomly emerges once more.  You could have a 50 degree day in winter, followed by a sub zero day....24 hours later.....crazy!

Even in Alaska,  the weather was moderated around the coasts and varied sharply as you got father towards the interior.   Farebanks varied wildly from season to season....but within those seasons they weather was fairly consistent.  Meaning:  winter cold,  summer hot!  But in Iowa....summer one day could be start cold,  then get hot, then get cold again.    Depending on how the wind blows, I guess.

So having back to back cool days in spring...with the sun shining and the wind blowing a gentle breeze is a rare treat.  Cheryl was able to run today without overheating and without freezing.   The sun warms your back while the cool breeze cools you off.  Even the wildlife seemed to be enjoying it.  Lots of Rabbits,  birds, and squirrels today.

Other than that,   just a lazy day here at home.   I'm off from my online scoring gigs today..and I plan on enjoying every second of it by wiping out the alien threat from the Earths surface.   Time for a little XCOM!  

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