Monday, May 2, 2016

The Wonders of Dementia.

Ever wonder what it would be like to be crazy?   Nothing "bad" mind you, but rather a tamer, "mostly harmless" version of insanity.   Like those old ladies that chase butterflies in the fictitious garden within their living room. Ah pretty.

Ahem,  yes!  Well, ever wonder how those people found that "Happy Kind of Crazy"?   Perhaps it was a lost love, a broken heart, or traumatic war event that opened that gate in their mind where all the bright colors are alive and vivid.  Everything is cute and cuddly...the animals talk,  the people are nice,  the flowers are always in bloom.....with butterflies...lots of butterflies.  

Well,  there are moments when I wish I could be swept away from the tragedies that happen on this planet, but alas.....I have a college education that forbids me from going there.  Why do smart people have to suffer so...? ( not that I'm very smart....just "aware")   What could have possibly caused this line of thinking within me?    We heard back from the car doctor....Subie will require some MAJOR surgery.

Turns out Subie's  "'sode"  was more like a full blown heart attack!   Not one where you require a transplant...( Although that was an offered option) but one that requires some valves and gaskets replaced...along with a timing belt, water pump and a couple of stitches.   In the end...take the highest number you can imagine it costing...and add 50% more....Yeah!   THAT kind of crazy.

Ah well,   we love Subaru.  What are you going to do?   It's not like it is a child in the 1800's.   We have too much invested to bury it and start over.  Cheryl informs me that the financing is "doable" but it's going to seriously hurt.   Looks like PBJ sandwiches for the next month or so.   And it is going to take longer than expected....Thursday.   We have a  race this weekend...and if we can pull it off....well, I guess things won't be as bad as I "imagine"....   (My imagination is kind of "dark")  The bright side is that we will have the "major repair" all done and out of the way for years to come....Years!    Hopefully.    200,000 miles baby...Yeah!   Now, where are those butterflies?

On a brighter note....if you can call it that.   ETS has offered me Texas STARR for the 9 days I will be between SAT administration...which means I can work more...yeah!   And make more money...yeah!    So I can pay off the Subster's auto repair....Yeah!

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