Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cheryl's 16 Mile 18 Mile Run...

I should say an 18 mile run that turned into a 16 mile run.   No,  today was not a meltdown day...which was a good thing.   It WAS, however,   very hot!   We have been blessed with pleasant weather and cool temps up until today.  Today the thermometer tipped over 80 degrees and the sun beat down on us with out so much as a cool breeze.
  Cheryl,  ( wisely, in my opinion) decided to trim off a couple of the miles to limit the exposure to hostile running conditions.  Although she refuses to admit that "wimping out" on the last two miles of the long run was a good thing;  she DOES recognize that there are limits to the amount of heat and sun one can take.   And coming off of 50 degree weather without building up a tolerance for warmer temps could spell disaster.  And no one wants that....especially me!

And isn't that what training runs are all about anyway?  By acclimating your body for running in those hot humid conditions, you slowly and safely build up your tolerances so you can handle the uncertain conditions a race might throw at you.   It is simply the smart thing to do....

That being said,  sometimes overachievers like Cheryl feel like they are cheating themselves if they do not run to their maximum potential every time.  I'm not the best person too critique or evaluate such a mentality...being proud of my "slacker" status.  However, I understand  ( somewhat) when you feel like you could have done better in any given situation.

But enough about all that!    Time to look at the Cool pictures of RABBITS and BIRDS!

As promised, I somehow managed to capture a few bunnies on the trail.   Not as many as previous runs, they still managed to poke their heads up  here and there to offer a photo op.  The trail must have had the maintenance crew come out and level off the divets, rabbit holes, and weeds.  All and all, it was a pleasant trail to bike/run on today.

So that is all!   We are planning a lazy afternoon of cookies for Cheryl and Chicken tacos for me.  Tomorrow it is back to scoring again,  Ah, the repetition and routine of having a job.   Lovely...  I know, I know....  Everyone needs some form or another,  But earning it can be such a drag.

Oh!  By the way,  Just watched a cool movie called "THE BIG SHORT"   A movie about the 2008 housing bubble crisis.   Yeah America!   I'll refrain from offering comentary and simply urge anyone who reads this to watch it.   Good times!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.   And enjoy!

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