Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wisconsin Half Marathon...The Cheesiest! And Windiest Half-Marathon to Date.

 Since  picture is worth 1000 words...( And My Picture Drop site is totally filled from last year)  I decided I would let the pictures do the talking on this post.   Oh,  I'll add a little "this is happening in this picture"   to give you something to focus on.   But mostly I wanted to show off as many pictures as I could.    Here's the short of it.   We came.  We raced. We finished!   And we are OK with that.

Early Morning Start time: 5:30 AM
Weather was awesome...except for the wind....the raging, stop-you-in-your-tracks wind.  But let's get to those pictures!
SunRISE over the waters of Lake Michigan

Looks like the rain might hold off!

Almost like a postcard! Notice the calm water!

 The Sunrise was awesome!  I had to attempt to capture it on film....but it ended up looking like a postcard.

Cheryl settles into her normal pace
Bathroom visit is always a Priority!

Cheese Costumes get a spot at the front.
The Cheesehead Start Spot.
The Cheese costumes got special treatment and were able to start near the front of the race.   There were around 3000 people there, so smaller races have their perks.

Hmm,  Maybe the bad weather will come
Sun on one side,   Clouds on the other.
The clouds were holding off on the predicted rain, but they did bring in a cold front that brought very strong wind!

The sun was still shining on parts of the sky.

Find Cheryl in this picture...
Give up?   How about now?
I wanted to show off Cheryl's  Ninja Skills.  Namely:  Her ability to disappear behind anything...and remain hidden until she is past you.   Hopefully the pictures will be able to demonstrate this.

Cheryl runs by mile two.
I was able to get better shots here

Pretty good form....against the wind.

She finally noticed me!

My "Flash Photo"   Get it?
The Poka-Holics....Singing about beer.  
The Polka Band...which was an interesting touch.   Live music is always "special".  But these guys take it to a new level.  Well,  They probably sound good to drunk people at weddings.

Can you guess where she is?

How about now?

Ah!  There she is!  Hidden in Plain View.

Perhaps my favorite.  " Invisible Cheryl!"

And then "POOF"   she appears!

I was able to run along side her for this shot

Ninja Cheryl....staying hidden.

Ninja Cheryl appears to make her move!

Sprint towards the end!

And down the chute for the finish.

Cheryl with her LOOT!
 Looks like SpongeBob...But It's CHEESE!
So that is all!   We did not stick around for the results....everyone had a bad day except the guy who won the race.  ( He set a new record for the half-marathon....Must have been his goal.)   The wind really did a number on everyone.   People lost hats and anything else that was not attached.   The finish had cheese, beer and brats.   What German Fun!   Those Deutschers sure know how to celebrate!

It also has a CAPE!  With Words!
One last note,  despite the wind and cooler temps...The rain held off and the sun came back out to warm things a bit.
Notice the Wind and Waves NOW....
 Cheryl said the race course was actually quite wonderful....
completely along the Lakeshore with  the cool temps keeping everyone from overheating.  Too bad the times were not the greatest.   But we were not here to chase new achievements.   We came for a break from scoring, car troubles, and to re-familiarize ourselves with the half marathon distance.   Cheryl pointed out that this was the fist finishers medal she had received since last year!     So...With a little luck and no more car repairs or injuries...we can begin adding  additional medals to Cheryl's achievement wall once more. We shall see.

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