Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cheryl's 12 Mile Fog Run.

The midweek long run was today.   And,  as the title was foggy.   "How foggy?" You ask?  So foggy you could cut it with a knife.    What does that even mean?    First,  I don't usually carry a knife around with me and second,  I don't think I would ever attempt to cut the fog with it.

So how about this:  The fog was so thick,   you could spoon it out with a fork!    There!   An analogy of equivalence has been made and still makes no sense..but at least represents the other two forms of tableware.

So, yeah,  it was foggy.   The huge white fertilizer hold tank totally disappeared in the fog.   It was something out of a Steven King novel...( I think Steven King wrote The Fog...Maybe The Mist?Anyway)  It made for a calm cool peaceful run/bike.   The humid air is a mixed blessing because it comes off as colder than the temp suggests, while acting like a sauna after you gain a little bit of heat exercising.

But we survived.   I'm just happy the rain held off until after we had finished.   It is still a little foggy outside.   The sun peaked through a couple of times and had burned most of it away.   However,  it is now overcast and threatening to rain again.   I guess that is spring time in Iowa.

Hope everyone is having a grand time on this delightfully gloomy day.   I have about 45 minutes until I have to score.  ( today is the "late scoring" day)  So I'm filling the blog with useless nonsense just to keep it up to date and kill some time.   I hate going an entire week without saying Something.....Anyway.   This weekend looks like another long run.   Wish us luck!

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