Friday, May 6, 2016

Kenosha Half Marathon. Subie and Packet Pickup.

It has been a long day.   I'll begin as we did,  early this morning breaking Subie out of the Precision Auto Hospital.   It was a wonderful moment getting our car back and returning the loaner back to its rightful owner....Like switching dance partners at your prom...Back to the one  who is closer to your height and dance level...and prettier.

With Subie in tow....we headed straight out to the packet pickup....there was no time to waste.

The cool thing is Subie likes to go fast now.    I used to feel a certain caution whenever the speed tipped over 65.   Now Subie revs up to 70 without hesitation!   Kind of nice....

We arrived in the City of Kenosha and were starving to we stopped in at the local Meyers and picked up a few things to munch on before the pick up.   Luckily,  Subie had all of our stuff provide a make-shift picnic setting.   On the Meyer lawn...

Packet pickup was easy and non eventful.   There were a few vendors for other races..but no where near the usual suspects trying to get you to buy their latest tech or nutrition.   It really did not matter to me because we just ate a bunch of food and we are essentially there was no temptation to purchase anything spontaneously.  

So then...Off to the Lake!

Cheryl wanted to look at the water before we set in for the evening.   A couple of photos on the rocks,  on the lighthouse....and a quick dash on the beach and we were ready to retire for the evening.

Tomorrow will be an early one...   With the race starting out at 7:00 AM.   This means we will have to get up very early.   Hopefully I will be in a chipper mood when I catalog the full event.   But for now....I'm kind of spent....   Long week of scoring, car worry, and lack of planning....coupled with a rather long car ride and you may understand.   Ah well,  tomorrow is a new day.

In the mean time...Cheryl is prepping for the run and getting all of hr outfits ready.   The race is along the lake shore...and the lake shore is cold!  Well,  about 10-15 degrees cooler than where we are currently staying.   I remember those days in Grand Haven when a hot summer day would turn to a cool refreshing walk along the beach....Just three miles away.  It will be much cooler in the morning...and then the Lake Effect will kick she might have to dress warmer....we shall see.

Wish us luck!

I'm sure Hiro is observing our every move from home.    I know that cat is secretly plotting something.   His long bouts in front of the computer concern me.

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