Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Pleasant Run In Muscatine.

 I know I have been several days since the last post, but basically... we run, eat, and sleep.  Pretty much in that order.   I would find it boring if I constantly blogged about running around in Coralville.   However,  today we traveled to Muscatine.

We have visited Muscatine twice this week.   Once while it was much colder.   But today, the weather was pleasant and mildly windy.   Cheryl only ran 7.5 miles.   Last time,  when the air was colder,   she ran ten.  It appears she has been adding mileage here and there to over prepare for Boston.  With all this hard work,  she should see results.

But in the mean time,  we ran.   We discovered an extended trail that deviates a bit from the river.  It travels through a park and continues through the Bridgestone Learning center.

 Ultimately ending at an apartment complex.  The folks of Muscatine have done a great job making things look nice.

And Ants are Strong!

We are home now, and Cheryl has been doing battle with flying ants.   The neighbor across the hall has the same issue.  The warmer weather is effecting the spiders and ants and waking them up.   So they can "invade" our happy abode.

But not as Strong as Cheryl! 
 Cheryl can not stand this and has unleashed a campaign of chemical warfare upon the Arthropoda. (That is the family that includes both insects and arachnids, for all my Scrabble friends out there.)  All is fair in love and war...especially war.   "Winners" get to write the history books.  And if Nukes were available to use on them, I'm sure she would be purchasing M.I.R.V.'s  from Ebay.
Cheryl Unleashes the Kaboom!

A safer version.
Thankfully, KABOOM works well enough.  (Just like the nukes, but with less fallout.) And it leaves our apartment smelling fresh and clean!  Good thing GreenPeace has not banned Chlorine yet.   Because that stuff Works!  on insects and drinking water!

I may need to see a doctor about this...
So for the rest of the day,  I plan on either folding Origami OR playing Subnautica.   The developers of Subnautica updated the storyline of the game and I am now infected with a glowing green bacteria!   Fun!   I now have to figure out a way to cure myself.... And with that part of the story still under development, I have to go around in with a new form of Green glowing Leprosy!   Luckily, I can wear gloves so I don't scare the fish.
Sea Base: "Impossible Power!"

They have also added a few new places to explore and scan.   I have been obsessed with building the most awesome underwater base since James Bond took down Dr. No!   ( Maybe my movie trivia is off there, but hopefully you get the picture.).

That's all for now.   Tomorrow we will be running 22 miles in Davenport.   And then we are back to work for ETS and the SAT.   The Month of March is still slow, but perhaps April will pick up some.  We shall see.  Not that I enjoy working mind you, but that stuff called "money" comes in handy from time to time.

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Valerie said...

I guess it't the time of year for our ants to emerge. I hate the things, particularly the flying ones. I live in a brick built house and they love it!


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