Friday, November 5, 2010

Dressing up the cats

For their big night out of course! Just kidding. In reality, they just needed a bath to remove the autumn fleas that tend to hitch a ride for the winter. I must say that they did not behave to badly. Red ( the shop cat) actually looked like he wanted to dive in while I was washing Rashi. And when he did get in, he did not struggle or claw his way around. Hiro, on the other hand was pretty much how you would expect a cat to behave when being doused with luke warm water. So after applying generous amounts of flea shampoo, rubbing it into a lather, then rinsing and repeating, It was time to dry them off. Red was the last to dry off. (I think he liked being wet for the most part) Cheryl bought these cute little coats for the changing seasons( $2.50 at Target!) and the cats actually liked them! This is perhaps the best picture we have of Rashi. The brothers are twins in their brown corduroy and they do tend to keep the cats nice and warm.

1 comment:

Linda B said...

Aw, they're so cute in their jackets. And you can bathe them? Wow, mine wouldn't go for that.


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