Saturday, November 13, 2010

Latest origami Pegasus

A quick post on my latest origami. It's taking longer than I thought....I never had a project take over a day! It's basically the same origami pattern that I have used before, but with the larger paper, I wanted to see what little 'extras' I can add to it. A little trick I learned from one of the Masters is the paperclip and glue. I know that there might be this "unwritten rule" that the design should not b e glued up so it can be unfolded at any time....but why? Why put 4-8 hours into a design only to unwrap it! So the glue adds a little permanence to it. Maybe I'm the only one that thinks I'm breaking the rules here, but I'm tired of my designs looking good for only a few hours and then slowly coming undone as the paper begins to expand. Anyway this is a work in progress photo so here it is.

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