Monday, November 29, 2010

Full Metal Panic... Fumoffu Check it out!

Happy Cyber Monday everyone! Cheryl and I have been kind of busy this weekend with a number of things that are too boring to list here. However, To help us unwind each night we have been adding a little to our Anime collection. Our latest addition is Full Metal Panic Fomoffu. It is basically the third addition to the series of the full metal panic story...but focuses exclusively on the comedy side. Its a nice change of pace from the second raid. ( second part) that is pretty much all action. We still have to get Full Metal Panic Second Raid. But then our collection of that series will be complete. Oh We finally finished the last episode of Claymore and it was Awesome! Of Coarse! Gotta Love that Claymore! Anyway. If you are out purchasing stuff off the Internet this day, be sure to check out the stockings and purses on the right....and then if you lack entertainment. Check out Funimation for the latest Anime! They will let you sample most of their offerings for free online ( you have to endure a few commercials) But at least you can see if you like the Anime before you purchase the entire series. Check them out at

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