Monday, November 8, 2010

An origami Weekend

As the title suggests, I worked an a few origami projects this weekend. I'm pleased that the results look pretty good! I found that good old tracing paper seems to work the best when ti comes to the bugs. the thin strong paper is pretty easy to work with. The only complaint is that it is white and not a cool color. Also it takes a while for glue to grip it. but other than that, it does not tear easily and it seems to hold it's shape fairly well. Cheryl suggest I grab this latest book. I had an extensive library before the big move, but now I only have a few books. Out of each book there is usually only a handful of designs I usually do...over and over again. Until I no longer need a book to show me the "right" way of doing it. ( I often deviate from the original pattern ) Perhaps I'll have a few more to show off in the future. I have also been working on the larger wall hangings. I'm not sure how many more Cheryl will want on the wall, but I can't wait!

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3D Origami said...

Those work are unbelieveable! is just like real ones. Those are so nice for using as a decorations.


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