Monday, November 1, 2010

Time to eat Humble Pie!

Oh GREAT! Way to go MSU! They never fail to disappoint! After that last write up that it might be a great game, it turns out to be awesome....FOR IOWA! Now I should be looking at this as I was a win/win either way. But secretly I always root for State. And it breaks my heart when they fail to deliver. For those who did not follow the game...Iowa TROMPED MSU 37 -6. At least the Spartan got one touchdown to avoid the shutout. I'm not really sure what happened other than the fact that I was listening and whenever I pay side loses. When the announcers on the radio start commenting on their disbelief on the score, you know something is wrong! Iowa had a lot to gain on this one and they seemed to have a golden day where everything went right. The poor Spartans managed to score once, but I think they just got hit with a big stick and could not recover in time. I'm not a huge football fan, so I'm not sure how this loss effects the Spartans on their playoff prospects. This loss might wake them up so they don't get cocky for the remainder of the season. (I'd love to see MSU in the Rose Bowl. ) But if you are an Iowa fan, You must have been having a great party after that game. ( I'm sure if MSU would have won, they would have had another riot in Downtown East Lansing again.....or do they not do that anymore?)

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