Thursday, February 19, 2009

It was just of those days!

Yep, it started out ok, packed up the seats and delivered them to UPS. Then, While parking at our usual lunch spot, Cheryl noticed a rather large "bulge" along the side of the tire. A couple of weeks ago, we hit a pothole and lost our hubcap. But the tire seemed intact so I just made sure the air was proper and called it a relatively harmless incident. Now, Cheryl is the kind of person that does not notice FLAMES coming from under the hood! So when she notices something and mentions it to me, I'm instantly panicked! SO... My bright idea: lets go home, and change the tire with the spare. In the light, near the tools, near the heat. Sounds good, right? You probably know the punch line! First, I could not find the handle to the jack. Then the spare tire is FROZEN to the car. ( I'm still baffled on how that much ice got in there to surround the spare) It snowed ( not much, but just enough) it got colder ( not much, but just enough) We still needed to go out for an elongated seat, So with the new spare on, we go out. 15 miles from home, the store does not have the seat, and the spare tire goes flat on the highway, in the dark, cold, snow! No problem, ( I'm in denial at this point) there is a gas station just next exit. We'll inflate the tire be good as new. Of coarse! the air hose is out of order! By this time I'm insane! The spare now has the tire popped off the rim and I end up putting the bulging old tire back on. In the cold, ( by now, very cold) windy ( now it's windy!) snow ( its REALLY snowing now) And it is dark! So the seat will have to wait till Monday and I will spend tomorrow getting the old tire AND the spare fixed. As for the rest of the night, I'm going to sit really still and try not to breath!


Handi said...

Ethan: It does sound like you are having one of them Days... Feel Lucky you are able to get out and about in this weather with just a Flat...

I've got to figure out where my leak is, and I can't do it in the Cold weather, just to damn cold for me. I get Sick easy, so we have to have someone do our Runs or have the ole lady go with a friend to get stuff we need til the warm weather comes in so i can fix the car.


Estela said...

oh no! Sorry that happened! I hate those days that nothing ever goes right


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