Sunday, December 30, 2012

Battling a cold is not fun....Unless you origami a turtle

So it was bound to happen...Cheryl caught my cold.    Now I know the first thing a husband is suppose to do is offer support and not dance around making fun of his wife who called him a big baby when he was in the thick of it....Well....Let's just say I'm  not as good a husband as I should be...but I'm not as bad as That!   The thing is..I KNOW how crappy this cold is..(special thank you to the ACT people....who are also battling the's going around)   We have caught a cold every time we begin a new project there....what do these guys do?  Go home and hug their kids?  Everyone knows kids are magnets for germs, noisy, and smell bad....but I digress. . we were talking about Cheryl battling a cold.  
   It's hitting her a little harder faster than it did me..(It took me several days to totally explode) .but now she knows I was not faking my symptoms for attention.  HA!
Other than that,  I am still dealing with the after effects...and surrendering my orange juice to Cheryl now...along with my halls.  And, to keep my self occupied,  I have been working on an origami tortoise, based off the western turtle design from Robert Land.  This little gem took me most of one whole day  to get to "almost" finished.

  I cleaned it up a bit this morning.   If you follow the progression,  you will notice that paper clips help a lot...along with wetting the paper and drying it to keep the folds where they should be.

   Despite that,  I still managed to rip the paper and was forced to glue it in places where the paper layers where thick.
 Cheating?   I'm not going to call it that since this is going to someone who requested it.  I want it to have SOME level of permanence.                                                                                                                                                                   
   I'm not sure what we will do or new years hope is that Cheryl will feel better and we can hang out like bums and watch more anime.
  BTW!  I have several really cool animes to review...perhaps on one of those days when I have little to say but still want to blog...we shall see. 

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