Monday, December 31, 2012

Flock of Origami Seagulls...A 1980's flash back!

Or Origami Terns.    Although I do think they look a little like Seagulls.   The forked tail is the distinguishable characteristic in my opinion.   I had this concept for a while,  and then found a Lafosse version that looked better than the origami swallows I was trying to make work.   the pattern is essentially the same,  until the end.    A simple fold and the tails look different...and , I believe, better this way.   I n debated whether three birds was enough, but ultimately settled on five.   I still might mess around with the placement to make them look a little more like they are in flight.  We shall see.

 In addition,  the title brought back  a moment from the '80's.   And as this is New years eve,  I thought that I might bring back the memories of 1982 with the Flock of seagulls...the group and their one hit wonder..." I ran"   ( Ok, if you are a fan...perhaps you know more of their "hits" than I do...but this is the only one I ever heard them sing)    Enjoy the video....and if you are younger than 30....perhaps you will like hearing a golden oldie that you may have never heard before. 

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