Friday, December 7, 2012

Origami Elephant, New Names, and New Stockings!

right view
So we have still been busy packing up the stockings each day, but sales are still lagging behind last years marks. 

left view
real elephant 2
    Regardless,   ACT project has been pushed back another week so we will be able to concentrate on the stockings an additional week before having to head to the job.  This is good news!  And with that....I folded perhaps the best origami elephant yet!   This is my 4th attempt at the design, and first with cardstock instead of foil paper.   The look exceeded my expectation and I want to see if I can fold it as well again!    Perhaps a different color this time,    Pink elephants have an inebriation tag to it. 
Other than that,   names continue to sell.   I  think we have sold more names this year than last year.  Cheryl wanted to take a slightly better picture of them rather than my "jumbled pile" pic from before.  I'm not sure I like it as well.  

Also,  Cheryl wanted to test the waters on a new owl design.  Not that owls have not been selling!    She is just not that thrilled with the current design.   I like this new ones.    only time will tell if other people feel the same way.   We shall see if there is a positive vibe to them in the remaiing weeks before Christmas.  Wish them luck!  

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