Thursday, December 27, 2012

TP Cat and Origami Bull

As in the Cone shaped Tent the American Indians carried around.    I imagine with the title you were imagining a cat rolling in toilet paper shreds with a mischievous grin on his face.  Well,   Hiro does not camp out in the new Tee Pee much,  but Cheryl did manage to snap a pick of him.   Just thought I would post it on the blog for the archives.

  Other than that,  the only thing I worked on this weekend was the origami Bull.   I folded it with wrapping paper and it was not as elegant as the card stock.  I DID, however, adjust the proportions a bit giving him a bit of a stocky body.   Compare his to the cardstock one,  who is longer ( and smaller) He still turned out ok,  but, unlike the cardstock bull,  I had to use a little glue in parts to keep the larger one from unraveling.   Even with the wet folding, it still did not hold the same way as  the card stock one. 

  Other than that,   we have checked back into ACT for three days before New Years break begins....and I have been battling a cold for the last five days!   ARRG!    Runny nose,   chest cough....headache...the whole bit from several months ago.  I see everyone else is battling the same cold there, so there is no telling where I picked it up.  It's not life threatening,  just a BOTHER!   I'm so sick...(pun intended)...of this cold.   Hopefully tomorrow will find me in better health.

    And before I log off,   We  are on the hunt for a Subaru sedan.   Ours is getting up there in years and miles and we are seriously thinking about upgrading.   There have been a few listed around here in Iowa,   But for the most part.  the larger Chicago and even Michigan,   has a better selection.   I don't really want to go all the way to Michigan  ....  But Ohio and Indiana have potential as well.   Cheryl does not want to travel far for it....considering the age of the current car...I know why.   But,   this IS just a message to self several years from now...when we look back and see the time we were considering the purchase of a new Subie!  ( Suby?   Subby?    Hmmm...not sure how to spell the slang term...S-Long U-Bee) 

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