Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Origami Dogs!

Enjoying the Great Dane so much,  I decided to take a stab at some other breeds.  So far,  A Papillion and a Chihuahua.   ( What kind of spelling IS THIS!??   Hooked on Phonics does NOT WORK HERE!)  Anyway,   they kind of look like the dogs they are designed from.   I know I could   fool around a bit more with the proportions,  but they look fine for now and all of my creative juice is all used up at the moment.   

In addition to origami, I helped Cheryl sew up some stockings.  We have been averaging around $1000 a day since the beginning to December.  The designs are all over the place,  so I really can't just narrow it down to one that is popular.   I guess the blue bear has been featured in a couple of blogs,  so there was a slight run on them recently.   Otherwise,  everything is getting low and we are going large batches with several designs to try to keep ahead of them so they don't run out..

ACT starts up again next week and Cheryl and I are a little nervous about it.   we will be in the middle of the Christmas rush and on top of all that,  we will have to qualify for a new project.  We have thought about  perhaps not taking this gig,  but sales are not where they wee last year and that has us concerned a bit.   The ACT gig should take us to February with a somewhat consistent paycheck to help us along.    Our only thought is what are we risking if we happen to take the job and neglect the business?   We will have to find out the hard way as we intent to attempt both at the same time.   Hopefully,  we will be able to keep up in the end.  We shall see

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