Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Origami Turtle, This IS Christmas? Isn't it?

Ok,  First...Where is the Christmas Spirit?    Hmmm? ....I'm not sure how to explain this from my small, narrow point of view,  but  the "mood" of the season seems a little down this year...And it is not just the evidence from our lack luster sales....Honestly, I get this feeling that things are a little down all over.   For instance:  the mall!   No music,  no color,  few crowds.   and  not much Christmas-y stuff.   Is it just me?    I have not seen many lights in town or on many houses.   No tree decorations.    Just  BLA!    So perhaps I'm wrong...or I live in Iowa  where they don't celebrate Christmas...I'm not sure.   But   all that.. And the fact that our sales have plummeted (compared to last year)   Makes me think that  people are just not into the spirit this year as in previous year.   
   Ok,  That being said, we still are making  sales and I know that there are some Christmases where the economy,  or  the political scene have an impact on the mood of the country.   things just do not seem as festive as years in the past.   And with our own expectations being rather optimistic this year,   I'm sure that that helps paint  this picture a little more gloomy than it truly is for other people around the country. 

    For now,   I will try to pick up my spirits a bit and continue to fold some more paper.   Today we started baking our macarones for the Christmas gifts we will be sending the family.  ( and postal carriers!)  Additionally,  I folded a  Turtle that turned out pretty good.   I used wet folded cardstock paper.  Also, having a heat gun helps!   The post office is becoming quite cluttered with origami gifts from me  lately,  but she has not thrown any of them away yet.   Perhaps she has a plan for them all in the end....we shall see.

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