Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finally! Some Snow in Iowa

Coming from Michigan,  snow is just a way of life.   People exaggerate how "bad" the snow is there but we soldier through.   But here in Iowa,  things get a little more frantic it seems.   Today, for instance,  our work place closed down because of the storm!    This has never happened to me before!   In Michigan,   12 inches of snow falls  and you are still expected to come in!   In Minnesota,   you are still expected to attend school!   And in Alaska...Really?  Do I even have to go there?   NOTHING CLOSES!   Well,   except the summer lodges that cater to the tourists...but that is a customer thing, not a weather thing.   So coming from a several snow environments,  I find it a little entertaining when "warm weather" people shut down over 2 inches of snow.
   So Don't get me wrong,  I'm GRATEFUL that we did NOT have to work today.   Lack of snow does not mean that the wind and the slippery roads make for easy driving.   Not to mention we live out in the farmland so assistance and phone reception is bad.   And I have plenty of stories of driving to work or home from work in a blizzard with my knuckles clamped around a steering wheel and a scraper for the windshield next to me . I really did not LIKE those "required work days in Michigan"  So "Thank you, Iowa!" for being ill equipped and poorly motivated to deal with snow.  There is NOT this culture of "We live in  a Snow State...DEAL WITH IT!"  Mentality. And quite frankly,  I'm to old and tired of this false "Bravado" that is required to live in the north.   I actually learned much by living in Alaska where cold weather training keeps you WARM and COZY instead of cold and stuck in a snow drift.   
     So...on our new found day off,   I'm probably going to origamify something.   Everyone in the building has the day off as well  so it feels a little crowded at the moment.   I'm sure Fleabait and Tickler ( nicknames) will hole up and hide out while the snow blows over. are the doesn't look very bad,  but it has picked up since I have taken these pics and the whiteout conditions have increased.  Poor visibility makes for difficult driving ....under any weather condition.   Hope everyone in the Midwest is surviving this little squall as well as we are.   Looks like a fun filed night of wine, cheese, crackers, and Anime.....Perhaps we will bake up that Christmas Pizza   Cheryl has been saving.  

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