Sunday, December 2, 2012

Origami Great Dane! Cat! And Stockings!

Great Dane! 

Looking fondly out window
It's a harsh fact that this year is not quite meeting up to our expectations.  We are slightly behind the high water mark of last year,  however,  we are working a lot less at having to get them out.   All that Prep work is paying off...but,  although it seems it was not required for this year.   Regardless!  To cheer ourselves up,  we are finding ways to spend our new found time with small things that make us Origami!   We have this really  ( REALLY!) cool dog that walks around town.  He is a Great Dane....AND BIG!   So big that he towers over his owner, a small petite lady.  So big I mistook him for a small pony the first time I saw him at the park!   With that being said,  he is the most majestic, graceful dog you could ever imagine.   He literally puts the awe in,  Being inspired by the post master at our local post office,  I decided to origamify this image.  

Nobel and majestic!

I think I saw a squirrel
There are no images or diagrams of Great Dane Origami I had to make it up.    I'm happy with the results.   I basically modified my favorite blintz bird base to lengthen the legs, narrow the ears and give him a larger head and neck.   I would have been a little happier narrowing up his abdomen,  but I should have taken that into account earlier in the pre-creasing.  

So...there he is!   I also worked on a cat From David Brill's  pattern.   Not bad when you wet fold it....better than with foil paper in my opinion.   I think with a little more practice,  I can get better results.

More Boxes!

 As mentioned before,   we ARE selling stockings.   It is just not as difficult as previous years because they are all done in advance.  Except for the names,  all we must do is find them and pack them up...and if we are feeling motivated...make some designs that are getting low in stock.   I'm sure when I look back on these posts next year,  I will be thinking" what was I thinking?"    so  this is why I wanted to at least keep a record of my thoughts at the time.   We shall see how it all works out now that December is upon us.  

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