Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Log, Fish, And ,,,Pegasus

It's Christmas eve!  And I know the title of this post sounds a little strange,   but hopefully your curiosity is piqued.   You see...Cheryl did not want Christmas to end up being like thanksgiving.   That is:   Cooking a dish that is difficult and makes Ethan Grumpy in the kitchen!   So se sent away for some Christmas goodies that even I can't mess up and will still be special and fun and tasty.   Enter the Christmas LOG!  

Bûche de Noël  is the technical term.   Etsy has a really great picture of one....our pine bough  became a little disconnected in we just used the mushrooms.   By the way. .  the cakes is REALLY GOOD!   Moist and sweet despite being frozen for a week before we set it up. 
Next up:   The Pegasus.   Origami that is....I know it might be confusing to put origami in between the food,  but hear me out...  There is a reason.  Basically I tried another Pegasus with a larger piece of paper.   I think it turned out pretty good even though I liked the thicker paper a little better.

    And now on tot he main event:   The Christmas Fish!  Salmon Florentine En Croute is the real name and you can purchase one here.    It's really simple to cook up and was quite tasty!   The fish itself is four lbs.!  and serves 9 people.   So  Cheryl and I are going to have lots of leftovers for several days.  That being said,   These left overs are going to be calling to us as long as they are in the fridge.

   So there it is...We also made some Blueberry Macaron today.  Sorry,  no pics.    We made them for the folks at work and to brush our own inflated egos.   We are just that self centered.   Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Eve and are looking forward to Christmas day the same way we are.  Merry Christmas!

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