Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another Origami Horse, With Hellsing Ultimate!

I liked the previous one better.   I don't know what it is about this one that didn't turn out the way I had hoped...perhaps it is the head, or the hooves.  

Well, regardless, I decided to post the pics because they are on my computer and I have to post something for the weekend.  I started an ancient dragon this weekend, but I stopped around step 80.   The last one took me 4 days to complete!   It's not that the model is so complex ( well,  technically,  it IS!)  it's that after several hours of wrestling with the paper, my brain is fried!

 I just have to take a break from it!  I'm not sure if I will complete it this weekend, but at least I will post some progress pics.   Last time I took two days just to shape it after it was I finished the folding!
 Other than that, Cheryl and I have been watching Hellsing Ultimate. An Anime that is more true to the Manga.  I got it as a gift for Christmas, and just now am getting a chance to watch it as we are taking a slight break from Crunchyroll. We just finished Episode 4 and one of the speial features on the recent DVD is the "war" speech.

  I got to karaoke it with a heavy german accent.   What fun!   Cheryl says it is rather Ugly,  but hey!  It's about vampires...who are not cool high school kids with chiseled features. They are blood thirsty monsters...and Hellsing ultimate does a good job showing that.   So...if you are not into Monsters, blood, Gore, Crusades, and Nazi's...( Seriously, who doesn't like vampire Nazi's?!?! ) then you might not like Hellsing Ultimate....but that is ok,  More for us!

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